Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Springtime EtsyVeg Team Treasury

I haven't created a treasury on Etsy in...  Well, let's just say a while.  Like, a long, long while.  So today I had the urge to make one.  Click on over to take a peek at Springtime Smiles, a treasury with all the things I love about Spring, featuring my EtsyVeg teammates, of course!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coming Soon to an Etsy Shop Near You...

...IPA beer soap!  Two flat Sierra Nevadas later, I now have two logs of IPA soap hanging out and waiting to be cut and put on the curing rack.

I'm interested to see if the shade of brown will change as it cures.  When I poured the raw soap into the molds, it was a dark chestnut, and has already lightened up a bit.  And for those of you wondering what on earth IPA soap smells like, it's a very sweet, hoppy scent.

As always, feel free to stop by my Etsy shop to see what scents are currently in stock.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

Obviously, with an Etsy shop named Barefoot Hippie Soapworks, I'm kind of a hippie.  Which means I don't save all of my green, crunchy stuff for Earth Day.  But I thought it might be a good day to share some of them with y'all.

One of the more recent environmentally-friendly (and tot-friendly) things is cloth diapering my little one.  Before she was born, her daddy and I had several discussions about whether or not it would be something I'd actually want to stick with.  Well, let me tell you, not only are they stinking cute, but they also don't end up in landfills and Little Miss doesn't have chemicals right up on her tushie. 

A friend of mine asked me once how I felt about needing to use so much more water, because of all the extra laundry.  One.  Babies are messy.  I'd still have done a lot of laundry.  And two.  I'll take more water usage over 8,000-ish of her diapers just sitting there in a landfill. 

We also use a lot of cloth items in general.  Cloth wipes, napkins, pads, and cleaning cloths.  No more disposable dusters for me! 

I also happen to love Ecos detergent (especially the Lavender scent), and Bac-out cleaning products.  When I first started washing all the cloth diapers, I started with Rockin' Green Hard Rock.  It worked fine, but suddenly there were three kinds of detergents in the laundry room.  Ben's, mine and Zoey's, and Rockin' Green.  It was really kind of overkill.  Eventually I found Ecos, and it works wonderfully on everything - diapers, towels, clothes, you name it.

And since it's Earth Day, I'll probably ask Zoey this evening if she'd like to watch The Lorax.  Which means I'll also probably have to read it for probably the millionth time at bedtime tonight.  Girl loves her Dr. Seuss.  Which works out just fine, since I do too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Soapin'?

A friend of mine, who is a fan of beer, recently became aware that I make beer soaps.  Basically, I blew his mind.  But then he asked if I could make an IPA soap.  Of course I can!

So here it is, getting nice and flat and undrinkable.  Soon, it will make some delicious soap with a creamy lather.

Are you also a beer person?  Don't want to wait for the new IPA soap to cure?  Well click on over to my Etsy.  In stock already are soaps made with Guinness, Shiner Bock, and Negra Modelo.  Grab one of each with the Pick Three listing and save a couple bucks.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whoopsies! Plus Soap News

Clearly I never got into the habit of keeping up to date over here, since my last post is from New Year's.  So, a big whoops on my part.  There was even still the winter background.  Since it's already tank top and sandal weather here, a new background was definitely the first order of business. 

I've also realized that I have some soap photos that I took but didn't edit.  So while you can currently find them in my Pick Three listing, they're not listed individually yet.  I suppose that's my goal for the week.  Or while I watch the Rangers this afternoon.  May as well multitask, right?

Also in the works is a new soap, thanks to a friend of mine.  But more on that very soon!