Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.... and Go Frogs!

I hope you all had a relaxing, tasty Thanksgiving!

We have two Thanksgiving get togethers over here.  On Wednesday we go visit one big group of family, and then on Thanksgiving we visit another group.  Being a vegetarian among a bunch of meat-eaters, and people who like to cook their veggies with bacon, I brought a yummy veg-friendly dish to both places.

This year I decided to try something new, the Festive Chickpea Tart from Let Them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton.  The one I made Wednesday was kind of dry and crumbly.  But the one I made this morning turned out great and I thought it was quite tasty.

I also made Dreena's Artichoke and White Bean Dip, also from Let Them Eat Vegan.  Zoey and I thought it was pretty good.  Make sure to let it sit a little bit before eating it.  I tasted it right after making it, and it was much better by the time it was actually being served.

For Christmas, which will be at our house, I think I'll try a couple of her other holiday meal ideas.

Now as for the last part of the title... You see, Ben is a University of Texas grad.  And yours truly went to Texas Christian University.  And at the moment, we're watching a TCU vs. UT football game.  So, definitely a big Go Frogs.  Otherwise, Ben and his brother (who is also a UT grad) will never let me hear the end of it. 

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