Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Treasury Tuesday - Double Rainbow All the Way, Across the Sky!

OK, I know this video has been around for a while now.  But the song remix thing has been stuck in my head recently.  So I thought it would make a pretty great theme for a treasury.

KnotaGeek, on Etsy

This Summer Slouch Hat by BeKind teammate Knota Geek is full of bright rainbow color, perfect for hot summer days or hanging out at the beach at night.

CanvasBlues, on Etsy

I just love looking at this oil painting by Canvas Blues.  I think it's all the texture on the clouds, but it's beautiful.

ReLovePlanet, on Etsy

And who can resist a cute little unicorn?  These adorable clips by BeKind teammate ReLove Plan.et are too cute to pass up!

Come take a look at Double Rainbow All the Way, Across the Sky!  Seriously, it's so intense.

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